We make products
that solve problems.

We are a product generator startup based in Leipzig, Germany´s new creative hub city, and Hong Kong.

Just use physics, not your lungs or pumps to effortlessly inflate air mattresses, pool toys, paddle pools etc.

Inflate anything with just ONE breath


The FLUXBAG is a revolutionary new kind of air pump. Thanks to the Bernoulli effect, you breathe into the FLUXBAG just ONCE – and then push 140 liters of air effortlessly into any inflatable item. The FLUXBAG is a lot faster, smaller and lighter than other air pumps. What ́s more, the FLUXBAG also doubles as a dry bag or beach pillow.


HILFE – Product & Innovation GmbH

Leibnizstrasse 4, 04105 Leipzig, Germany

Registered at HRB Leipzig 32842

EU VAT ID DE307713718

Managing Director: Jens Thiel